Gas Lamp

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Night life in SD for someone in their twenties?

Thinking about heading down to San Diego for MLK weekend. Any suggestions on areas to stay (ie better party, younger crowd) Is it better in downtown? Pacific Beach? Old Town? Gas Lamp? Also what are some popular bars/clubs that people go to over the weekend

Best Answer...


Pacific Beach would have a younger crowd overall than the Gaslamp Quarter downtown, more college and post college ages people. It's a more laid back, board shorts and flip flops type crowd. Most bars in PB don't have strict dress codes or expensive covers. It's cheaper and a younger vibe overall compared to the Gaslamp. The most popular bars are along Garnett Ave like The Tavern, Moondoggies, PB Bar and Grill, Johnny V's, Typhoon Saloon, Longboards, ect... Basically just walk down Garnett from Ingraham st and you'll come across plenty of bars.

I think the nightlife is best downtown in the Gaslamp but it can be pricey and is more trendy with sticter dress codes and higher covers. It has a older, more professional type crowd than PB too but still plenty of young people. There are tons of bars and clubs along 4th and 5th ave's. Some one's the I like are Altitute (rooftop bar on the Marriot with great view), On Broadway, Belo, Whiskey Girl, Basic, The Bitter End, Yardhouse, ect... has a list of all the clubs and bars down there.